For the purpose of this document when referring to ourselves as Monkey Tree Holiday Park this also relates to Walker Leisure the subsidiary of Monkey Tree Holiday Park. 

On Confirmation of your booking you accept our Terms and Condition in full.

  1. Booking Conditions
    1. Monkey Tree Holiday Park is a family park and caters for families and couples only. The Park does not accept all male, all female parties, clubs or school groups, nor do we accept groups of couples under the age of 30 unless by special authorisation by Management.
    2. We reserve the right to request proof of age should we believe that any members of the group are below the age of 30 (the only forms of identification accepted will be Passport or valid driver’s licence). 
    3. Management reserve the right to amend, implement new or retract items within the Terms and Conditions at any time.
    4. We do not accept bookings from, or allow anyone to stay on the Park, who is listed on the Violent and Sex offenders Register (or any register which supersedes this). By making a booking you are confirming that no one in your party is on this register.
    5. The person making the booking accepts the Terms and Conditions on behalf of all members of your party and is responsible for making sure that they accept and adhere to them.
    6. We cannot accept bookings from anyone under the age of 18. Nor can we accept bookings made on behalf of another person.  Minimum age of lead party member: 18 for touring and 21 for a static caravan.
    7. Monkey Tree Holiday Park operates a policy of 28 nights maximum stay with the exception of Seasonal Customers by agreement. 
    8. When booking online, the rate offered is not guaranteed until you receive written confirmation from the Park.
    9. In the event of a tariff error on the booking system, mistakes will be rectified and a new quote issued within 48 hours. 
    10. All rates are flexible and subject to change.  No quote, whether given verbally or in writing, will be guaranteed until a deposit or payment in full is made and you receive your confirmation in writing.
    11. It is your responsibility to check the details on your booking confirmation are correct and notify us immediately of any discrepancies. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors not corrected prior to arrival.
    12. Once confirmation of booking has been received you cannot transfer your booking to anyone else (including members of your party) without agreement from Management.
    13. The total number of persons occupying the Pitch or Holiday Home must not exceed the number booked.
    14. Cancellation Insurance is available from ourselves to cover the cost of your holiday. We recommend that all customers take out an appropriate insurance policy either through ourselves or via a third party. 
    15. Monkey Tree will not accept responsibility for any issues that may arise after booking where insurance has not been purchased.
    16. If you would like to book adjoining pitches, they must all be booked in the same lead name. There is a maximum of 3 pitches per adjoining booking. The onus is on the customer to contact Monkey Tree Reception to ensure the adjoining fee has been applied etc. 
  1. Cancellations
    1. If you cancel your holiday for whatever reason, you will be responsible for the full cost of your holiday unless you purchased Holiday Cancellation Cover at the time of booking, in which case you will be covered for the sum insured on the basis that you adhere to the specific requirements detailed within this section.
    2. The Holiday Cancellation Scheme covers you until you arrive on site after which refunds cannot be given for any reason should you decide to leave early.
    3. No refunds will be made on any bookings if the party has not taken up the Park’s Holiday Cancellation Scheme in relation to the specific booking
    4. Cancellation insurance must be purchased at the time of booking and cannot be added after booking confirmation has been received.
    5. Cancellation Insurance cover the cost of your booking excluding 25% non-refundable deposit and cancellation premium provided we have written confirmation of cancellation of the entire party at least 8 weeks before the commencement of your holiday. 
    6. Between 8 weeks prior to arrival and your arrival date, Monkey Tree Holiday Park will only issue a refund if cancellation is due to the following:
    • Death of a member of the party
    • Serious Illness of a member of the party
    • Redundancy of any of the members of the booked party
    1. Exclusions: 
    • Wilfully self-inflicted injury. 
    • Intoxicating liquor or drugs, other than drugs taken in accordance with treatment prescribed and directed by a qualified medical practitioner.
    • wilfully self-inflicted illness.
    1. All events which prevent you from taking the holiday must:
    • Occur after the acceptance of your booking.
    • Relate to yourself and the named members of your party as stated on the booking.
    1. If cancellation occurs you will be asked to supply supporting documentary evidence.
    2. At the discretion of Management your deposit may be held on account for a booking made within 6 months.
    3. Any claims must be in writing and be supported by the necessary documentation (i.e. Doctor’s certificate, confirmation from previous employer etc).
    4. If you have your own holiday insurance and do not require Monkey Tree Holiday Park’s Cancellation Scheme you will be required to provide documentary evidence. This must be received within 4 weeks of the booking being made.
    5. Should you need to cancel or amend your holiday dates due to issues relating to Covid-19, then you will need to provide the park with evidence of a positive, government recognised PCR test. The party member(s) affected will need to be named on the booking for any changes to be valid. Cancellation must also have been taken out at the time of booking for any changes or refund to be applied.
  1. Booking movements
    1. Booking movements are subject to a movement fee. (Please contact reception for applicable fees)
    2. We must be informed of your wish to move your holiday 8 weeks prior to the commencement of your original booking date.
    3. New holiday must be of the same value as original booking or the difference must be paid at the time of amendment.
    4. No partial refunds will be made for new holidays of less value than original booking.
    5. All movements are subject to availability.
  1. Discounts and Vouchers
    1. Only one discount or special offer can be applied per booking. Once booked, any offers available subsequently cannot be applied retrospectively to an existing booking. Likewise, you are not permitted to cancel a booking in order to re-book under a new special offer.
    2. Any Food and Beverage Vouchers issued are non-transferrable, non-refundable, have no cash value and will expire at the end of your stay. The Management reserves the right to withdraw vouchers where payments for the booking are late.  Food and Beverage Vouchers cannot be used in Reception, at The Shop or in any external bars or food stalls out on Park during events.
    3. The ‘Book before you leave’ offer requires just £50 deposit payable on booking before departure. The remainder of the 25% deposit will be due on or before 20 January.
  1. Payment Conditions
    1. A non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required immediately to secure the booking.
    2. The balance of your booking must be paid 8 weeks before date of arrival.
    3. Although a balance reminder may be sent out, the onus to ensure payments are received on time are with the lead name on the booking. 
    4. Any balances not paid on time may incur late payment charges and/or cancellation of booking without refund.
    5. Bookings made within 8 weeks of arrival require payment in full at the time of booking. 
    6. Cheques returned to us by the Bank as ‘unpaid’ or made out incorrectly on more than one occasion will incur a £15.00 administration fee to cover costs to the company.
    7. Monkey Tree Holiday Park is a subsidiary of Walker leisure therefore payments relating to Monkey Tree Holiday Park may appear as such.  All correspondence with the Park prior to and after making your booking is subject to E&OE.
  1. Arrivals and Departures
    1. Pitches are available from 12 noon on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.
    2. Pitches, although paid for, must be claimed and occupied within 24 hours of the due time of arrival. The Management reserves the right to re-let the accommodation after 24 hours unless prior advice of delayed arrival has been received.
    3. If arriving late, guests are not permitted to pitch up after dusk and you may be asked to spend the night in our arrival’s car park.
    4. We regret that we cannot guarantee any specific pitch but will do our utmost to accommodate any requests.
    5. Please ensure that you pitch up in the correct location. Should you claim the incorrect pitch and by doing so you affect another customer’s booking you will be asked to relocate to the correct pitch.
    6. Holiday Homes are available for occupancy from 4.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.
    7. Unless you notify us of late arrival, your holiday home will only be held until noon the day after the booked arrival date, at which time it may be re-let without notice.
    8. In the event of Reception being closed late arrivals may obtain their key from The Club or Security Office before 22.00 pm. 
    9. Late departure from any pitch or Holiday Home which subsequently impedes the arrival of the next guests will incur a charge equal to one night’s stay.
    10. If we believe that you have left early (i.e. vacated the site with no intention to return before your departure date or you have informed Reception of your intention not to return) we reserve the right to re-let your pitch or Holiday Home. You will not be entitled to a refund.
  1. Standards of Behaviour
    1. We would like to everyone to enjoy their stay at Monkey Tree Holiday Park and therefore request that all of our customers, regardless of their age, act courteously and politely to their fellow guests and members of our staff.
    2. Monkey Tree Holiday Park is primarily used by families and we would ask that the behaviour of your party reflects this.  Noisy, Offensive or inappropriate behaviour or actions likely to cause harm or offense to any other guests or members of staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to refuse entry to and/or eject any person who, in the reasonable opinion of Management, does not comply with these standards of behaviour.
    3. Please make sure that you know where your children are at ALL TIMES.  Monkey Tree Holiday Park reserves the right to return any unaccompanied child to their pitch for any reason we feel necessary, these decisions are made for the Health and Safety of all our guests.
    4. In the interest of others and the children on Park, we ask that there be reduced low level noise after 10pm and no noise after 12 midnight and before 7am.  If you are being disturbed in between these times by noise from neighbouring Pitches or Holiday Homes, please contact Reception or Security.
    5. Please be aware that although noise rules apply on Park, in Peak season The Club has entertainment until 12 midnight daily which can be heard by some neighbouring Pitches.  Reception can advise on which fields are quieter.
    6. In the interest of safety if you have children within your party, one adult over 18 in your party should be classed as the “responsible adult” and therefore remain under the drink drive limit.   If we believe that there is not a responsible adult, under the drink drive limit, supervising the children in the party, Monkey Tree Holiday Park reserve the right to call the relevant services or the police. 
    7. Please be mindful that everyone is on holiday whilst at Monkey Tree Holiday, so wanting to enjoy themselves, however we are a family Park therefore the nature of this enjoy should reflect this. 
    8. The Laws of England and Wales apply on site and anyone deemed to be breaking these will be removed from site immediately and the police informed. 
  1. Alcohol and Drugs
    1. Monkey Tree Holiday Park adopt a no tolerance approach to illegal drug use on site.  Customers believed or proved to be involved in the use or distribution of illegal drugs with be removed from site immediately and the police informed. 
    2. All areas of the park, other than those listed below in 7.3., are alcohol free zones.  No alcohol to be taken into the toilet blocks, Reception, Shop, Arcade or play areas.
    3. Places where alcohol may be consumed are:
    • The Bar and outside courtyard within the fenced area
    • The Summer Nights Bar and outside courtyard area
    • In the pool area in a sensible and responsible manner
    • The Restaurant, Takeaway and individual units (Tent, Caravan, etc.)
    1. Only food and beverages purchased from a Monkey Tree Licensed Bar or Restaurant can be consumed in the facilities.  No outside food or beverages to be taken into ANY facilities or activity areas, including The Central Area, Pool, The Club, Summer Nights or the outside seating areas of the Bars.  This includes food and beverages purchased from the onsite shop, which can only be consumed at your unit. If you are found to be consuming outside food or beverages in one of the facilities you may be asked to leave, repeat offending may result in a Ban from the facilities.
    2. Monkey Tree Holiday Park reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any person/s in any venue/ shop. 
    3. Monkey Tree Holiday Park reserve the right to confiscate alcohol from any person, whether purchased on site or otherwise, in any venue, Holiday Home or Pitch, for any reason where we feel it necessary for health and safety of yourselves or other guests or staff. 
  1. Smoking Policy
    1. For the purposes of this document “smoking” refers to all regular cigarettes, tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaping.
    2. Smoking is not permitted in any of our Holiday Home accommodation.
    3. If you smoke in any of our accommodation you will be charged £125.00 for it to be specially cleaned.
    4. It is illegal to smoke inside enclosed public buildings.  All members of your party are requested to smoke only in those areas which have been clearly designated.
  1. Pets
    1. All dogs must be kept secure and on leads at ALL times, failure to enforce this may result in you being asked to leave the Park without refund.
    2. No more than two dogs are allowed per Pitch or Pet Friendly Holiday Home and must be kept under the control of a responsible adult.
    3. Charges apply for all pets unless part of a special offer.
    4. All fouling must be removed immediately and placed in the appropriate bins. We reserve the right to terminate the booking of any guest found not to be clearing up after their pet with immediate effect.
    5. When staying in a non-pet caravan, customers are not permitted to allow any pet(s) access even where the pet is visiting for the day with friends. Failure to comply with this will result in termination of the booking and you will be asked to vacate the accommodation with immediate effect.  A cleaning charge of £125.00 will be charged.
    6. Dogs must only be exercised in the designated area (the footpath between the top of Willow field and Ash field) known as the “dog walk”.
    7. Pets not to be left on site or in any of our pet friendly Holiday Home accommodation unattended.
    8. If any member of your party has an allergy to pets, we would strongly recommend that you do not book pet friendly accommodation.
    9. We cannot guarantee that pets have never occupied any of our accommodation. 
    10. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool area, bar, shop, reception, takeaway, amusement arcade, soft play area, outdoor play zone area, lake area, laundry, all toilet blocks and dishwashing facilities.
    11. We reserve the right to require the owner of any dog or pet considered to be a nuisance or affecting the comfort of other guests to remove it immediately from the Park without refund.
    12. Dogs banned from the UK as named in the DANGEROUS DOGS ACT 1991 are not permitted on Monkey Tree Holiday Park.
  1. Vehicles on Site
    1. A speed limit of 5mph applies to the whole site
    2. A maximum of 2 cars on site per Pitch or Holiday Home, charges apply.
    3. Commercial vehicles are permitted on-site at the Park’s discretion (dependent on size and visual presentation). You may be asked to park any commercial vehicle in the main car-park for the duration of your stay.
    4. Commercial vehicles are permitted on-site at the Park’s discretion (dependent on size and visual presentation). You may be asked to park any commercial vehicle in the main car-park for the duration of your stay.
    5. Driving around site between dusk and 7am is not permitted (unless unavoidable in emergency situations).  Persons coming onto the Park between these times must park in the overnight car park.
  1. Accessibility
    1. All of our buildings are single-story with no stairs or lifts (The Summer Nights has 2 steps leading up to the Bar itself).
    2. There are Disabled toilet facilities in the Bar and Reception.  In addition, there are also 2 disabled toilets within the Touring & Camping toilet Blocks.  These can be accessed by providing your valid Disabled Certification at Reception for a key.  A £10 deposit may be charged for use of the Keys.
    3. Parking is available next to Reception.  There is no marked Parking directly next to The Club, if you need to be able to Park closer to The Club please enquire at Reception.  There is to be no Parking on the roads in the field next to The Club, known as Palm Field.
    4. We currently have 1 wheelchair friendly holiday home with 2 twin rooms and a pull-out sofa bed.  Fully accessible bathroom, kitchen and moveable trapeze lift over the bed as a lifting aid.  There is parking adjacent to the Holiday Home and a ramp to the accommodation.  All other Holiday Homes are accessed by steps.
    5. Parking is permitted on each type of touring/camping pitch to a maximum of 2 cars.
    6. We do not recommend Fir Field for wheelchair users or guests with a hearing or site impairment as this field is a further distance away from the facilities and is not surfaced with tarmac.
  1. Entertainment
    1. The company will endeavour to provide the entertainment as advertised, however we reserve the right to alter or withdraw any facilities or programmed entertainment without prior notice.
    2. We are not in control of external acts cancelling at last minute, however we will do our best to refill the schedule.
    3. Although a family Park, entertainment after 21.30 in The Club is directed more towards over 18’s.
  1. Activity Centre
    1. “Activity centre” refers to all Amusements provided at Monkey Tree Holiday Park including, but not limited to, soft play, skate park, swimming pool, crazy golf, trampolines and play parks.
    2. The Arcade, and associated games machines in various location around the Park, are excluded under the heading “Activity Centre”, is run and staffed by an external company.  
    3. Staffing and equipment at the Activity Centre, and use of the area occupied by the Activity Centre, are under exclusive control of Monkey Tree Holiday Park.
    4. The Activity Centre is provided exclusively for the enjoyment of those holidaying at Monkey Tree Holiday Park.
    5. No glass, bottles, dogs, alcohol or smoking with the Activity Centre or area occupied by the Activity centre.
    6. For health and safety reasons some of the facilities in the Activity Centre have age and/or height restrictions.  Anybody not complying by these restrictions will be asked to leave the Activity centre.
    7. On booking with Monkey Tree Holiday Park, you are accepting the conditions of use. You may also be required to produce evidence of your identity and of your age when intending to use the facility.
    8. ALL children MUST be supervised AT ALL TIMES by a Parent/Guardian, who must remain within the Activity Centre whilst the child is there.
    9. The Management reserve the right in its absolute discretion to refuse entry to the Activity Centre to any person and/or to require any person present to leave.
    10. Those using the equipment and facility, particularly adults and teenagers, are required to have regard at all times for the safety and enjoyment of others, particularly younger children.
    11. You are required to inform the Reception Team if any of the following apply to the person intending to make use of the facilities.  Physical or mental health disability, serious illness, neck or back injuries, social or behavioural problems. 
    12. You are required to have satisfied yourself before entering the Activity Centre that you and in the case of your child are physically and mentally fit to successfully participate in the activities offered.
    13. On booking you accept on your own/your child’s behalf the basis upon which use of the Activity Centre is permitted. You agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. You further acknowledge that there are inevitable risks of injury associated with the use by yourself and/or your child of an Activity Centre.
  1. Fishing Lakes
    1. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the lake areas at all times.
    2. All those fishing must hold a current Environment Agency Rod Licence which can be obtained from any Post Office.  
    3. A fishing permit and flag MUST be obtained from Reception. 
    4. Gates MUST be closed at all times.
    5. Dogs are NOT permitted in the fishing area
    6. ONLY barbless hooks are permitted. 
    7. A copy of the rules is available from Reception, anybody not abiding by them will be asked to leave the fishing lakes.
  1. Swimming Pool
    1. The swimming pool is not supervised at all times. 
    2. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children at all times and all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
    3. ALL children under 5 years old must be supervised by a responsible adult in the water at a ratio of 1:1.
    4. Management reserve the right to withdraw access to this facility when deemed necessary.
    5. Management reserve the right to put time-slots into place for use of the swimming pool. This is for health and safety reasons.
  2. General 
    1. Whilst BBQs are permissible, Monkey Tree Holiday does not allow open fires, including wood-burning in BBQs.
    2. Some Fire Pits may be allowed for BBQ purposes only but not as a camp fire, please ask a Manager to check if your Fire Pit complies.
    3. We ask that all customers use their common sense when lighting BBQs in respect of never lighting them too close to a tent, caravan or flammable object and NEVER taking a BBQ inside a tent or caravan for your own safety. All BBQs must be elevated and kept off the grass, the company reserve the right to charge the customer for remedial works for any fire damage to the grass.
    4. Fireworks and flares are banned from site, we reserve the right to remove any guest found to be in possession of such items from site.
    5. All handheld/remote controlled flying devices such as (but not limited to) helicopters, aeroplanes and drones are also not permitted on site. This is for both privacy and safety reasons.
    6. Gazebos, windbreaks, and any ancillary equipment may not be permitted on the pitch if its size or position reduces the clear space required by fire regulations to exist between units and equipment on neighbouring pitches.
    7. In Holiday Homes all equipment and linen must remain in the Holiday Home at all times.
    8. You are required to take good care of your Holiday Home whilst you occupy it.  On departure you must leave your accommodation thoroughly cleaned and free of all rubbish. We will take legal action to recover the cost of damage sustained during your occupations and any additional cleaning charges we incur in respect of your failure to comply. 
    9. The Park reserves the right to enter Holiday Homes, Tents or Touring Caravans or have the police enter at any time.
  1. Marketing Accuracy
    1. Whilst Monkey Tree Holiday Park make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our Pitch and Holiday Home descriptions and illustrations, they are subjective and are for guidance only.  If there are points of particular importance, please contact Reception to clarify information.
    2. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information contained in our brochures, websites, tariffs, advertisements and any other form of promotional material is correct at the time of publishing,we cannot accept responsibility for errors contained therein or results thereof. Monkey Tree Holiday Park reserve the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service, facility or amenity. 
    3. Published opening times are for guidance only, access to all facilities vary throughout the season so please check with Reception for current times of operation. 
    4. We are not responsible to you for unforeseen events or matters over which we have no control. These terms also apply to third party websites
  1. Complaints – Our Service to you
    1. We do all that we can to ensure you enjoy your holiday. Occasionally problems occur and if they do or you have any concerns about your holiday when staying with us please tell the Park Reception immediately and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
    2. We will not be responsible for any matter, which you knew about during your stay but did not tell us about during your stay.
    3. If any matter is not resolved during your stay, you must notify us in writing of this within 7 days of the end of your holiday, otherwise we will not be able to consider it. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days.
    4. In such circumstances where we deem it appropriate to offer a voucher or recompense a guest due to any issue reported, the guest accepts this in full and final settlement of the matter.
  1. Liability
    1. Persons using Monkey Tree Holiday Park and its facilities do so at their own risk. The Park will not be liable to any persons for personal injury or loss or damage to property, however caused or sustained.
    2. Save for circumstances in which injury is caused by the proven negligence of breach of statutory duty of Monkey Tree Holiday Park, its Management, employees or staff, you acknowledge the risk of such injury and that you do not hold Monkey Tree Holiday Park, its Management and staff liable for any such injury and that you will indemnify them in respect of any claim for such injury made.
    3. Monkey Tree Holiday Park cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the Park and its plumbing, gas, electrical or exceptional weather.
    4. Monkey Tree Holiday park cannot be held responsible for any damage to personal belongings.  We strongly advise that all customers acquire appropriate insurance to cover their belongings, vehicles and equipment prior to arriving on site. 
    5. Vehicles are brought onto the Holiday Park at the owner’s risk and we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to these, except where it is caused by our negligence or default or that of anyone, we are responsible for. In circumstances where a customer’s vehicle or equipment was the cause of an accident or incident the owner will indemnify the Park of any demands and resultant losses (consequential or otherwise) relating thereto.
    6. In the event of Force Majeure, Monkey Tree Holiday Park will not be responsible or financially liable, in any circumstances, for any loss (financial or material) or damage to personal belongings or vehicles caused by event beyond our control including, but not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other acts of god, acts of terrorism, fire or failure of electric power, gas, water, plant machinery, computer, vehicles or collapse of building structures.
    7. We shall not be liable for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connect with your booking.
  1. Filming and Photography
    1. Monkey Tree Holiday Park undertake our own promotional filming and photography.  Every effort is made to ensure filming does not intrude into or affect any holiday activity and it is clear to guests that filming/ photography is taking place.
    2. We will not accept responsibility if, contrary to your wishes, you appear on film or in photographs and we are unable to make any financial award or payment of any kind.
  1. Data Protection
    1. The information you give us in connection with your booking is held securely on our computer system and dealt with in accordance with the Data protection Act 2018.
    2. We will use the information provided on your booking for internal administration and to carry out our obligations to you and (if different) the person using the facilities.
    3. We would also like to use the information provided by you to contact you: via post/phone/email about any offers or opportunities that we feel may be of interest to you. If you would prefer us not to contact you please inform Reception when booking.
    4. If you have any queries or concerns about how we use your information, please write to Monkey Tree Holiday Park, Scotland Road, Hendra Croft, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 5QR.
  1. COVID-19

Should you or any member of your party display symptoms of COVID 19 prior to your holiday you must follow Government guidance and request a test immediately. You are only permitted to travel if all members of your party have tested negative. If any members of your party test positive within 14 days prior to your booking please contact a member of Management.

Should you or a member of your party display any symptoms of COVID 19 while staying at Monkey Tree Holiday Park you must notify us immediately and all members of the party self-isolate and request a test immediately.

You will be required to vacate the accommodation with immediate effect and return home without delay.

Failure to adhere to these conditions may put multiple guests at risk and as such we rely on the collective accountability of all customers to act responsibly.

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