The Environment

We strive to minimise the impact our Holiday Park has on the environment and we ask all guests to help us maintain our ‘green’ ethos. We are committed to preserving the beautiful unspoilt Cornish Countryside; please support us in our goal to be as ‘green’ as we possibly can!

What we do

Consumption – We have increased our electronic communications in order to keep printed material to a minimum.

Reuse – there is a use for everything at Monkey Tree – nothing goes to waste! Where possible we aim to repair rather than replace!

Recycle In order to minimise landfill we have Recycling stations for glass, plastic, cans, cardboard and even batteries – guests are encouraged to use these stations.

Trees – We replant trees wherever possible.

Energy efficiency – We try to reduce our energy consumption by using low energy lighting wherever possible. Our toilet blocks have windows in order to increase ventilation and allow natural light to enter. Our toilet and shower blocks are fitted with photocell lighting which switch on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Economy we promote local businesses and attractions

Local – Much of our produce is locally sourced.

Solar Array Monkey Tree produces its own electricity through the use of solar panels.

What you can do to help when holidaying in Cornwall

Support local businesses and the Cornish economy Buy fresh local produce, eat out at a traditional Cornish pub and visit local attractions, for an all round authentic Cornish Holiday experience!

Ditch the car! Walking or cycling are amongst some of the most popular things to do in Cornwall and on a nice day this is the perfect way to see what Cornwall has to offer.

Recycle – please do make use of our Recycling stations in order to reduce landfill.

Wildlife – You’ll see a range of insects, ants, bees and other wildlife during your stay. Please try to be understanding – we are in the countryside after all! (And if left alone bees are not a threat.)

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